Marital Separation: Not a Career Enhancer

Well, not for me. My ex seems to be thriving, but then he has always run to work to escape, and work has always led to, um, new relationship prospects for him. For me, the job becomes difficult when my home and family aren’t running well.

This last “exercise” — a month of house-hunting and packing and moving and cleaning and yelling and crying and sheer physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion – has left me tapped out on my retirement plan [had to borrow against it to move] overdrawn on vacation time and generally at sea, as my workplace has been implementing new procedures following a reorganization.

Meanwhile, the ex is the hero of his office, and preparing to go be staff expert in Afghanistan for 45 days. Which is not an easy gig [and yes, I’ve spent some time there myself more than once], but he’s been asking for it for months, so there you go.

What is the significance of all this? I’m not sure, but I do know that the time I spent processing what was happening to my life is paying off. The crying and screaming have to happen sometime, and I may not be entirely done with mine, but the dark night of the soul is lightening, I believe. I just won’t be taking any vacation for a long time.


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