A note on style for the editorially inclined

I am flagrantly erratic in my use of the Oxford comma. That’s not going to change.


6 thoughts on “A note on style for the editorially inclined

  1. K. A. Brace

    Someone once asked Oscar Wilde how he had spent the previos morning, to which Wilde replied, “I put a comma in a poem.” Surprised, the questioner asked him what then did he do in the afteroon. Wilde replied., “I took it out.” Best >KB

    1. dayzha Post author

      Wilde would get the first, gilt, engraved invitation to my salon. Love that man.

      I am honored that you stopped by. I actually just ordered your book this morning — it arrives tomorrow.

      1. K. A. Brace

        Thank you very much. I hope you will enjoy it or something like that. I noticed someone poking around in the background and took the time to be curious. I too like Oscar–the reason I use him in my gravatar is because at one time when he was more beautiful than handsome we could have been twins. So it goes…Best. >KB

      2. K. A. Brace

        Oh by the way, forget about that ‘honored’ stuff. It doesn’t fit the sense of who I am. It’s my poems that I care about more than being a poet. Thomas Merton said, I have become what I always wanted. That, I will never be.” >KB

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