House of Women; or, SITREP: Overrun

Report from the front: The enemy is inside the gates. In a sense. This is the first post I haven’t written out first, if that gives you writers out there any idea of the sense of urgency I feel right now.

So, I have four daughters, ages 18 and up. Daughter #1 has a beautiful not-quite-three-year-old son; otherwise three of my daughters and I make up a house of women.

Only, two daughters have boyfriends (one each, thus two … let us call them young men) who seem to be trying to mark some territory. In my house. As in, they’ve barely left since we moved in, and seem to think the curb in front of my house is their parking lot. One of them picked a quarrel with a neighbor the day after my first night in the house. And the toilet seat? You know it — all of them. Do they interrupt everyone and treat the youngest with pecking-order contempt — or try to? Yup. For screaming out loud.

[Meanwhile, the ex is living in the corporate apartment, and his boss is in town … ’nuff said. Oh, and he leaves for Afghanistan soon; did you read the reports about the Kabul Airport bombing? Today?]

Shockingly, I suppose, this encroachment of the young wolf males bothers the hell out of me. I mean, what, the Alpha Male role is unfilled; these little ladies must need my help/dominance/pissing in the corners, whether they know it or not?

Listen up, boys: there’s an alpha female in this house, and plenty of alphas in my pack. We don’t need you — my daughters want you, and we’re setting limits among us about how much that can affect this house. Which ain’t much.

Here’s a hint: I just ordered two copies of “Oath of the Renunciates”. We’ll pass them around; this one needs to be read as a real book, not e-book, and we’re on a budget.

I repeat: I bought two copies. Look it up, and if you want to challenge some assumptions, read it. Marion Zimmer Bradley. I’ll post the oath sometime soon …

But yeah, for some of us, the House of Women thing is serious. And I’m prepared to defend it. Wolfish smile.


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