Ancient Discontent

Beautiful Psyche toils and strains,
Hades-bound for a jealous mother.
After an age of useless pains,
How will she view her perfect lover?

Shriveled Arachne spins her silk,
Put in her place for eternity.
Arrogant upstarts of her ilk
Learn the truths of equality.

Prometheus gave a priceless gift –
He’ll have to pay, and heavily.
Genius gets everyone really miffed –
Ask Socrates, over hemlock tea.

Lead us and guide us, immortal ones.
Show us the light of truth divine.
Sacrifice somebody else’s sons
Cripple and blind them – but please, not mine.

Haven’t we learned our lessons well?
Almost Olympian, at our best.
Sending each other post-haste
to hell, raping and killing,
we’re truly blessed.

Mistrust and hatred and new diseases,
Chemicals, nukes, whatever pleases –
Mankind, as Sisyphus, pants and wheezes;
But Tantalus knows, the gods are teases.

— written decades back, and it shows — but I still kinda like it.


2 thoughts on “Ancient Discontent

  1. Kevin Sampsel

    I have read several of your poems now. I saw Daddy Issues on my reader and was intrigued. You are a wonderful writer. This poem, especially, just seems perfect. I love how you speak of Psyche as a proper noun as well as Arachne and Prometheus. It reminds me of obsessively reading Keats and other poets of his sort when I was young. Then you perfectly flow into the last stanza with its mixture of modern topics and ancient myth–delightful.

    1. dayzha Post author

      You are extremely kind! This one is old — written when I was about 25, about 25 years ago. The ones you’re seeing now are more of an experiment. I’ll settle down and polish them up as I can; right now the brainstorming process is in the just-get-it-down stage. Thank you again for your comment; it is most encouraging!


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