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Thought for the Day

The well-traveled American confronts some foreign truths.

The first of these may be, there are foreign truths.


Keeping Vigil

A stripped-down wakefulness waits
on the other side of sleep
when the clock is only ticks and the numbers
stop at 5.

So slowly
the corpus assembles
movements of the march. Left. Right.
Swing and turn, scan
your sector.


Lie back onto the grass.
Prop your back against the rock.
Do not mind the sheep,
the dogs will watch them.
The air is hot and still,
but the wind will touch your face,
sing quietly in your ears.
Feel the grass against your skin, both soft and sharp.
Feel the rock against your back, telling stories.
Feel the earth under your fingers, sustaining you.
Forget the sheep; they are only an excuse.
Forget the dogs; they know what they are doing.
You and the rock will become one.
The grass will take you to itself.
You will not be alone.

— by Lawrence W Seeley Jr.