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Coffee and Danish, (Melancholy on the Side)

Ah, Hamlet.
Are you the possessor of
Barrymore’s exquisite profile?
Are you Olivier’s pensive Puritan?
Or are you only Burton’s nasal baritone?
Are you Plummer’s perfect actionary,
Chamberlain’s neurotic fop?
Or are you A.C. Bradley’s
Man of Perfect Sensibility?
Is yours the visage imperfectly reflected in
Coleridge’s shaving glass?
Or is Madariaga correct
in calling you a Borgian,
The perfect egotistical Elizabethan, Spanish version,
Caring for nothing but yourself?
Were you in analysis with Ernest Jones,
To work out abnormal feelings for your mother?
Ah, ah Hamlet!
Surely we should know by now —
All things are nobler in the mind.

L.W. Seeley, Jr.